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Let us take care of the specifics while you enjoy the event you envisioned. Love is in the details and we’ve got those covered.

We work with our clients to clearly define their goals and objectives, then brainstorm to deliver a carefully crafted design, program and/or marketing message for the event. Our industry-leading professional planners research objectives, locations, vendors and event design to produce a creative, cost-effective and goal-oriented proposal to our clients. Timelines, budgets, contracts, permits, risk assessment and all aspects of logistics and delivery of event management are all priorities in our planning process.

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Business Retreats

Your employees are the foundation of your business. They show up everyday devoting their lives to your organization. Planning a company retreat will not only show you appreciate them but it will also show that you truly care while at the same time getting them relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to take your business to the next level.

Wellness Retreats

Self-care is essential not an indulgence. Taking out time to care for ourselves increases our physical and emotional stamina and improves our over all well being. Have you considered planning a wellness retreat for a group of friends? Are you a health care professional looking to plan a wellness retreat for some coworkers or patients but can’t seem to find the time. Well that’s what we’re here for! You provide the specifics and we’ll take care of the rest.

Executive Retreats

Everyone needs to de-stress and recharge occasionally and top leaders know that at times nothing is more effective than getting away from it all. These senior leaders are considered assets to their organizations and therefore should be afforded the time to rejuvenate, collaborate and strategize without distraction.

Nonprofit and Charity Events

Holding a fundraising event is a great way for nonprofits and charities to earn support for their cause and attract new donors. Be it a Formal Gala, Auction or Tournament we have the experience and expertise to ensure our clients meet their fundraising goals.

Corporate Events

Event planning for corporate events requires the full understanding of logistics, entertainment, audio visual, fabrication, catering, presentations, breakout sessions, social engagement and the marketing leading up to and following up after your corporate event. We’ll handle all the logistics associated with Corporate event planning for optimum results. Our scope of services ranges from executing on the program topics designed to resonate with your audience and developing the schedules for presenters and catering staff. Our Corporate event planners are also pros at venue selection. Event Marketing is right in our wheel-house from creating event websites to creation of programs including speakers, agenda, social media, venue and registration.

Social Events

We believe private events and social gatherings require creative customization to suit our clients venue and guest list. Personal events should be commemorated by an unforgettable celebration and we are here to ensure that each of our clients visions are exceeded in every way.

Virtual Events

The leap into the virtual events world doesn’t have to be intimidating! We bring our clients the most streamlined, effective event planning experience. As we continue to see virtual and hybrid events moving forward, we offer a dedicated team effort to develop online events that deliver!

Remote Coordination

We offer remote coordination for our clients that prefer to be hands-off when it comes to the planning process but are comfortable with managing and facilitating the event itself.